Bah Humbug – End of Season 2

The holidays are coming round once again and as such my work and personal schedules have been ramping up. It was just about a year ago when I put the original Thee Under Channel Podcast on hiatus and now i’m back with similar news.

Through the months of November and December both Discussting Views and Under The Tree will be on break. Unfortunately working in retail doesn’t allow me the luxury of a consistent schedule to continue both shows. This however does not mean there will not be any more podcasts.

I am going to take this break as an opportunity to establish Thee Under Channel’s youtube page with a series of mini pods. Whenever time allows I will be getting together with someone to record a conversation(maybe Mickey, Dirty, The Tree or others) and will clip the best of these talks to be posted.

I am also going to work on doing solo recordings of myself ranting about current events that are taking place, similar to Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast.

As we approach the end of the year i’ll do another post to let you guys know when the weekly shows will be returning.

Thank you to everyone who has checked us out.

– Robert Under


À Bientôt

Hey Guys,

Stopping in now to let you know there will be a break on new podcasts over the next two weeks while the wife and I head over to gay Paris.

We’ve done a good job building momentum with both shows recently and by all means plan to continue but sometimes you gotta just take alittle time to do some sightseeing, drink some wine, and butcher a language you really don’t give a shit about.

If you guys want to reach out to me, use the contact form linked at the top of the page and ill see you in two weeks.

Robert Under

Discussting Views 013

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We start this week with a discussion about not having to learn a lanuage other than english, Under talks alittle bit about the Apologetics Conference he went to before finally admitting to the world he isn’t very smart and Mickey talks about his experience Smoking some meat over the weekend.

Second part of the show we dig into the claims that the US isn’t doing enough to assist Puerto Rico in their time of need.

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After the break Dirty and Mickey wonder why the Dreamcast didn’t catch on and Under reminds them of a little beast known as the Playstation.

We end the show with two stories. The first being a Montreal man is ticketed $149 Dollars for singing in his car

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While the second is a local story about a group of teenages throwing rocks off and overpass and killing a man.

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Discussting Views 012

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Mickey prepares for his citizenship test. Dirty and Under duke it out to find out if either would pass.

AFL denies Transgender Hannah Mouncey draft eligibility.

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Donald Trump says its ok to say “Merry Christmas” again.

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Under The Tree 006 – Battlefield Earth

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This week on Under The Tree we go into what some have claimed to be the worst movie ever made. Battlefield Earth is a movie based on a book by Scientology Creator L. Ron Hubbard which came out in 2000. Under and Tree prepare themselves for the worst, but, is it really as bad as it seems?

Coming Attraction for this week is

As they are coming in from the intermission Under talks alittle about his recent fascination with CKY.

I’m going to start posting up the notes we keep each week while watching the movie, give you guys some insight into how the show runs.


Discussting Views 011

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Harvey Weinstein Rape Allegations
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Man jailed for touching mans hip
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Star Wars Trailer Reaction
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3 Year Old missing after not drinking milk punishment, Harvey Weinstein update, and Morality
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Black People are more Gifted

Under The Tree 005 – Willow

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Under the Tree returns with a watch and review of 80s Sword and Sorcery classic Willow. A movie that the Tree had showed Under for the first time years ago.

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Coming attraction this week is skinheaded Vince Vaughn’s upcoming Brawl in Cell Block 99.

trailer :

Thanks for swinging over and checking us out. If you have any requests for action movies you’d like to see us cover hit up @TheeRobertUnder on twitter.

blis. – No One Loves You (2017)

This albums been in my life for one day.

As I drove into work this morning, whoever operates the @FreeThrowEmo(Cory I think) twitter had mentioned it, so I threw it on.

First track I clicked on was Take Me Home, which happened to be the single so it worked out pretty well. A emotional anthem that hangs on lightly sung verses and big crushing screams over fuzzy garage barrages. The lyrics speak of learning truths behind the backs of absent parents. I thought I saw someone mention Nirvana’s “Sliver” when reviewing this track and the video definitely delivers on that comparison.

It’s been a standout track so far on the album but there’s a couple others that have demanded a few replays. “Lost Boy” makes a fair attempt at pressing your under the head of a shoegazey wave but the vocals pull you up and out towards the very heavens they are questioning.

Lyrics across a lot of the album feature religious imagery as their backdrop when telling stories about the struggles one faces. Credit to the songwriter because the repeated touches on religion could’ve come off as heavy handed, though on this album they never feel like they sacrifice the weight of the subject for the sake of sounding wise.

Towards the end of the album “Pathetic” tackles being on the losing side of an abusive relationship and not understanding why. Reading the lyrics as you listen to the track reveals a lot more going on underneath the soundscape then just what your hear upfront.

Somewhere I saw them mentioned as being similar to Brand New. I’ve never listened to them but if this is how they sound I think i’m a Brand New fan.

The albums available digitally at the bands bandcamp

And the CD/LP versions are available here

Discussting Views 010

10 Fucking Episodes Deep!

We come into this week with some talk about the shooting at a country music festival in Las Vegas, watch the news interview of the shooter’s brother and Robert Under tries to coax Dirty into a Right to Bear Arms debate but fails.

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During the break Mickey found a story detailing the US voting against a UN band on the death penalty for partaking in gay sex, and it was too crazy to not atleast mention.

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Loose ending for the week as Robert Under brings it back talking about the starting of the holiday season and shows the guys two tracks off of his favorite Halloween album.

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