Announcing Trilogies Monthy Podcast Series

Hello everyone,

I am super excited to announce a new monthly podcast series that will be featured here at Thee Under Channel. I have always been a huge fan of movie marathons and wanted to find a way to highlight this passion in podcast form. What I have come up with is, Trilogies. Once a month I will gather with some friends (traditionally people you may know from other episodes of Thee Under Channel) and we will watch a movie trilogy all in one day, recording podcast before, in between each movie, and then a wrap up afterwards.

To kick off this event we went with the greatest trilogy of them all: The Original Star Wars Trilogy. I watched these movies in trilogy form many many times when I was growing up, but haven’t done so in years. So it was extra special to be able to do this to start this series, and I brought Jordan and Shizmansk along for the ride.

Episode 001 of Trilogies will be out this Friday Sept 02, 2016 and i’m really excited to hear what you guys think.

Thanks Guys,
Robert Under


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