Under Channel Eats: Cheetos Chicken Fries

Welcome everyone to the first post of a new blog series that will be running weekly here at TUC. Under Channel Eats is a chance for me to highlight my thoughts and reviews about one of my favorite subjects, Garbage Food. This consists of any new menu items or limited time promotional food sold at fast food restaurants, liquor stores, or gas stations.

I’m a sucker for eating this kind of stuff and I’ve wanted to do a blog like this for a long time. I’m a bit of a picky eater when you start mentioning things like vegetables so I may not try everything new that comes out but i’ll do my best to tackle most of it.

When I saw an add for Burger King’s new Cheetos Chicken Fries earlier this week I knew this was the first item I was going to write about. Ironically, Burger King is my least favorite of all fast food chains and traditional Chicken Fries are just another example of why that is. But I had faith. My thought is throwing Cheetos infront of anything is going to raise it to atleast a mildly enjoyable level. Sadly, I was mistaken…


These things were terrible. At first I thought maybe the Burger King I went to itself was just bad, but I ordered some of their nuggets aswell and was surprised how nice and fresh they were. Texture alone was more similar to a chip aisle potato stick as opposed to any kind of chicken and the flavor didn’t even remotely hint at the glory that are Cheetos.

At $2.79 I can’t piss and moan too much, but it just proved to me why Burger King will always be at the ass end of the industry. Copying Taco Bell and throwing a delicious brand of chip into some of the bullshit they offer makes me dislike them even more, and Frito Lay alittle bit for even allowing it.

Final Rating: 0/5