Full Disclosure: I am not a fan of White Castle, but the need to find new garbage food items each week to write about dragged me in. My dislike for White Castle comes down to one thing, the onion. I despise onions. Even battered and deep fried I can’t handle their pungent funk. The few times I’ve made it into a White Castle over the years have always left me underwhelmed. Whether attempting (usually failing) to order sliders without onions or going after whatever wacky gimmick they have going on (pulled pork) I usually end up disappointed. But still I drove to the White Castle today full of optimism.


I’ll start with the slider. I tried to be brave and take it as it came. Deep fried onions and all I bit in. Immediately I regretted it as one of the onions broke away from the breading and drooped down onto my lip. I had to rethink my plan of attack. I lifted the top bun and removed the deep fried demons. At this time I noticed a few of the standard onions cooked into my burger, shrapnel from the war zone they cook the patties on. I ventured on and the slider had instantly become the same boring thing I’d had from White Castle in the past. As with the Habanero Quesarito I reviewed last week, the Ghost Pepper title doesn’t deliver on the heat. I finished off the slider with pure disappointment. Onto the Mutant Fries.


Again I started off by picking the deep fried onions off. Underneath was a messy pile of french fries, bacon and BBQ sauce. I had initially thought the fries were supposed to carry some heat like the rest of the menu items, but no, it was just a normal sweet BBQ sauce. Presentation wise they looked terrible, but the ratios for all of the elements were pretty solid. Overall I would consider ordering them again if I had a reason to go back to White Castle. Unfortunately I don’t think that trip will be happening anytime soon.

Final Rating: 2/5