Thee Under Channel 013

photo credit : FonR

Introduction Topics:
Captain Z Impending Retirement and Possible Replacements [link – freep]
DDoT’s Improvements and Announcement of Connect10 Bus Lines [link – curbed]
Metallica Watch Line Inspired by Discography [link – metallica]
Recap of Aretha Franklin’s Funeral [link1 – youtube] [link2-youtube]
Seg. 1
Robert Under fails this week by not watching Venture Bros 07×05 before the recap, but Erin and Steve do a good job dragging him through the episode.
Seg. 2
We end with Part 1 of our Berserker V Preview.
Bloodiest [link-youtube]
Couch Slut [link-youtube]
Tombs [link-youtube]
King Parrot [link-youtube]
Negative Approach [link-youtube]