Thee Under Channel 020

When I spoke with Erin initially about putting the show on Hiatus, he immediately asked if he could put together an Episode 020, to help us close on the nice round number. I of course said yes!! and had planned to record an intro of my own to add onto the beginning. Erin delivered and I didn’t, so thank the man behind the board for this one.

Erin recorded an intro and movie previews and then mined the archives for some unreleased material. Its a good book end for this version of the show.
Introduction Topics:
What we’ve been up to
Producer of Netflix’ Castlevania planning Legend of Zelda (link – businessinsider)
Johnny Depp dropped from Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise (link – theindependent)
Arby’s changes Detroit Red Wings free curly fries requirements (link – cbssports)
Band Maid – Play (link – youtube)
Seg. 1
Robert and Erin show off some of their favorite comedy bits
Doug Stanhope – Fun Run for the Cure
Eddie Murphy – Bill Cosby Phone Call
Seg. 2
November 2018 Movie Preview
Bohemian Rhapsody –
The Grinch Nov 9 –
The Christmas Chronicles Nov 22 –

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  1. Why the time out? Enjoyed listening to your show. Loved talking to Erin about all the different stories. Was very interesting learning about all the work that went into producing your podcast. Hope you come back bigger and stronger.

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