Thee Under Channel 020

When I spoke with Erin initially about putting the show on Hiatus, he immediately asked if he could put together an Episode 020, to help us close on the nice round number. I of course said yes!! and had planned to record an intro of my own to add onto the beginning. Erin delivered and I didn’t, so thank the man behind the board for this one.

Erin recorded an intro and movie previews and then mined the archives for some unreleased material. Its a good book end for this version of the show.
Introduction Topics:
What we’ve been up to
Producer of Netflix’ Castlevania planning Legend of Zelda (link – businessinsider)
Johnny Depp dropped from Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise (link – theindependent)
Arby’s changes Detroit Red Wings free curly fries requirements (link – cbssports)
Band Maid – Play (link – youtube)
Seg. 1
Robert and Erin show off some of their favorite comedy bits
Doug Stanhope – Fun Run for the Cure
Eddie Murphy – Bill Cosby Phone Call
Seg. 2
November 2018 Movie Preview
Bohemian Rhapsody –
The Grinch Nov 9 –
The Christmas Chronicles Nov 22 –

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