Thee Under Thee Christmas Tree

transmission from Thee North Pole. It is the inaugural Thee Under Thee Christmas Tree Special!

Introduction Topics
Catch-up with the Cast
Christmas Chronicles

Black Christmas Preview
Mustard Plug – The Beer Song (link – youtube)
The Lillingtons – Zodiac (link – youtube)
The Suicide Machines – Break the Glass (link – youtube)
Frank White – The Mic (link – bandcamp)
(link – facebook)

Interview w/ Ken Bethea of The Old 97’s (link – old97s)
Purchase a copy of The Old 97’s Love The Holidays (link – atorecords)

The Venture Bros – Baby It’s Cold In Here (link – youtube)
DMX – Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer (link1 – youtube) (link2 – youtube)
Weird Al – Christmas at Ground Zero (link – youtube)
The Darkness – Christmas Time (link – youtube)