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Best of Thee Under Channel Relaunch

We’ve sat dormant long enough. Things have changed up a bit, so I thought it was time to update everyone before we start putting up new content.

Thee Under Channel as a weekly show is dead…again. We’ll now be moving our focus towards a more specialty-based Limited Series and One-Shot format. Working against the clock to deliver a show every Friday started to feel like there was no way to do justice to everything that we had planned.

The show still consists of Erin, Steve and I except now we’ll be able to deep dive into thing’s we’re most passionate about. We’ve spent the last month working on a huge project that we will be announcing this coming Monday 03-25-19. A project that will span the entire month of April and ties into a major event that’s happening…

As a way to get everyone caught up I’ve asked Erin to put together a Best Of/TUC Primer. This release features a combination of both released and unreleased content so it’s worth a listen even if you’ve heard us before..
Notes from behind the sound board…
Crazy Sex Goats from 000.2
NekroGoblikon from our Warped Tour Preview
Venture Bros Episode 07×04
Elon Musk as a Supervillain from 006
A bit of our CastleVania
Albums My Parents Didn’t Approve (unreleased)
& all of our skits!!!
Song Commentaries
Band Maid from 020
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