Thee Under Channel vs The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Our Massive April Project is Finally Revealed….
Phase 3 of the most ambitious interconnected film series is fast approaching its conclusion and Robert, Erin, and Steve are going to give it the once over. We will be podding through every film in The Marvel Cinematic Universe in chronological order leading up to Avengers: Endgame on April 26th.

To get an idea of what this show will feel like we’ve recorded a Pilot Episode, where we put 2016’s Deadpool through its paces. Before anyone says it, we know this isn’t officially connected but with Disney finally completing its acquisition of Fox, we should probably treat this one as a What If?

Take a look at our release schedule below:
Marvel Calender

Segments Include
Connective Tissue
Easter Eggs
Thee Marvel Cinematic Universe Giant-Sized Trivia Challenge