TUC vs. MCU 04 – The Incredible Hulk

croppedEpisode 04 of Thee Under Channel vs. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been released. Even with an All-Time Great Character & Hollywood Elite in tow…”they can’t all be Iron Man”

Today we are going be talking The Incredible Hulk. Released on June 13th 2008 and directed by ­Louis Leterrier, The Incredible Hulk was the 2nd film to be released and is the 3rd chronologically.

 After an experiment with Gamma Radiation turns Dr. Bruce Banner into a monster hes gone into hiding in Rio de Janeiro while working on a cure. After an accident alerts the government of his location, Bruce Banner returns to the life he left 5 years before…

Including :
Connective Tissue
Easter Eggs
Thee Marvel Cinematic Universe Giant-Sized Trivia Challenge

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