TUC vs. MCU 06 – Thor

croppedEpisode 06 of Thee Under Channel vs. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been released.  We round out the introductions of Marvel’s Big 4 by expanding beyond the mere realm of Midgard…

Today we are going be talking Thor. Released on May 6th, 2011 and directed by ­Kenneth Branagh, Thor was the 4th film to be released and is the 6th chronologically.

On the day he would be crowned King of Asgard, Thor acts against his father’s wishes and demands an answer for an attack by The Frost Giants. Seeing his son is yet unfit to rule, Odin banish’s Thor to Earth and strips him of his godly powers until he can prove himself worthy..
Including :
Connective Tissue
Easter Eggs
Thee Marvel Cinematic Universe Giant-Sized Trivia Challenge

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