Thee Under Channel (TUC) is a subterranean entertainment podcast and website created by Robert Under and is based in Clawson, MI. The show launched in its earliest form in July 2016, featuring Robert sitting down with anyone who was willing and discussing a wide range of subjects.

Robert’s next round of projects launched in July 2017 with two additional podcast shows under the TUC umbrella: Discussting Views, a current events debate show, and Under the Tree, a movie review show. Both shows featured more structure and consistency than anything he had done before, and allowed him enough variety in content to begin to understand what type of podcast he’d like to focus his energy on.

Thee Under Channel’s namesake show returned in June 2018, featuring Robert and his longtime friend and colleague Erin, who also joined as producer, thanks to his background in radio production. Throughout its 20 episode run, this second version of the show featured current events/news talk, special guest interviews, television show reviews, festival previews, and song commentaries.

After the 20th episode went live in Nov 2018, the guys took a break to enjoy the holidays (but still released a Christmas episode) and to evaluate the show. They decided to refine & restructure the namesake show to what they AND their listeners enjoy most: Special project series (each on a single specific topic or event).

After releasing some NFL Playoffs + Superbowl recaps in Jan-Feb 2019, the guys began to focus on the project that would signify the official change in format: Thee Under Channel vs. Marvel Cinematic Universe (TUCvsMCU) series has been gearing up for a month-long release in April 2019, kicking off with Captain America: The First Avenger on the 1st and Avengers: Endgame on the 26th.

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