Thee Under Thee Christmas Tree

transmission from Thee North Pole. It is the inaugural Thee Under Thee Christmas Tree Special!

Introduction Topics
Catch-up with the Cast
Christmas Chronicles

Black Christmas Preview
Mustard Plug – The Beer Song (link – youtube)
The Lillingtons – Zodiac (link – youtube)
The Suicide Machines – Break the Glass (link – youtube)
Frank White – The Mic (link – bandcamp)
(link – facebook)

Interview w/ Ken Bethea of The Old 97’s (link – old97s)
Purchase a copy of The Old 97’s Love The Holidays (link – atorecords)

The Venture Bros – Baby It’s Cold In Here (link – youtube)
DMX – Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer (link1 – youtube) (link2 – youtube)
Weird Al – Christmas at Ground Zero (link – youtube)
The Darkness – Christmas Time (link – youtube)


Thee Under Channel 020

When I spoke with Erin initially about putting the show on Hiatus, he immediately asked if he could put together an Episode 020, to help us close on the nice round number. I of course said yes!! and had planned to record an intro of my own to add onto the beginning. Erin delivered and I didn’t, so thank the man behind the board for this one.

Erin recorded an intro and movie previews and then mined the archives for some unreleased material. Its a good book end for this version of the show.
Introduction Topics:
What we’ve been up to
Producer of Netflix’ Castlevania planning Legend of Zelda (link – businessinsider)
Johnny Depp dropped from Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise (link – theindependent)
Arby’s changes Detroit Red Wings free curly fries requirements (link – cbssports)
Band Maid – Play (link – youtube)
Seg. 1
Robert and Erin show off some of their favorite comedy bits
Doug Stanhope – Fun Run for the Cure
Eddie Murphy – Bill Cosby Phone Call
Seg. 2
November 2018 Movie Preview
Bohemian Rhapsody –
The Grinch Nov 9 –
The Christmas Chronicles Nov 22 –

Those winter time blues…

Anyone who has followed my podcasting for the last few years knows that this is right around that time where I post up that my show is going on hiatus and will be returning sometime in the new year. Well, I haven’t come here to disappoint. There will still be some fresh content for you to digest during the holidays(more on that below) but our main Thee Under Channel show will be going on a sabbatical throughout November and December.

It does however feel a little different this time around. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished with this run of the show. The Interviews, Movie Previews, and Venture Bros Season 7 Review that we featured, actually made me feel like I was hosting a real show. Not just a series of recorded conversations with people I know.

I must give all the credit to Erin for what hes brought in this time around. Without him in the producer chair, making my fuck-ups seem manageable, cutting together the sonic nonsense the two of us thought up and talking me out of whatever self-deprecating spiral I fell into we never could’ve accomplished what we did. He put my work ethic to shame. If you see him/know him tell him thanks and buy him a shitty budget energy drink, he deserves it.

Thanks as well to Babin, Keys, Skrimps and Steve-in Bloom for putting up with my bullshit each week. I’m sure I treated all of you like shit at some point during our recording and you all just went along with it to help me out.

I won’t make this much longer, I’ve put off writing this for about a week now. We won’t be completely silent during November/December. Erin is piecing together a TUC020 to help us end this season on a nice round number. I’ve also got a few ideas for releases i’d like to accomplish (TUC X-Mas Special?) while I’ve got the time away from the weekly show.

We hope to return in early January with a refreshed show for all of you to enjoy. So keep an eye on this website and all of our social media profiles listed to the right to keep up to date.

Thanks for your time,
-Robert Under

Thee Under Channel 019


Prepare your ears for something gross…it’s a TUC Halloween Special!

Not only is the subject matter dark this week, the recording was a house of horrors. With Erin out doing fatherly duties, Robert mans the board things go off the rails. Pile on a lack of prep work by the host and you get a truly terrifying episode…

Introduction Topics:
63 More Fetus’? (link – clickondetroit)
Killer Clowns a marketing Campaign?
The Megabuster in Devil May Cry 5 (link – youtube)


Seg. 1
Thoughts and Reactions on the final 2 episodes of Netflix’ Castlevania Season One. Including a viewing of the trailer for Season 2.


Seg. 2
We recap the Week 7 Detroit Lions victory over the Miami Dolphins.

Thee Under Channel 018


Introduction Topics:
11 Fetus’ found in Detroit Funeral Home Ceiling (link – channel7)
Have You Ever Had a Paranormal Experience?

Gunship – Dark All Day (ft Tim Cappello and Indiana) (link – youtube)

Seg. 1
Venture Bros. Full Season 7 Recap

Type O Negative – Christian Woman (link – youtube)

Seg. 2
Thoughts and Reactions on the first 2 episodes of Netflix’ Castlevania Season One.

Thee Under Channel 017

Introduction Topics:
AIDs on the Rise (link – freep)
When did you stop dressing up for Halloween?
Show Recommendation:
Ten Foot Pole, Down Down Down, Sharks Never Sleep, One Up @ The Sanctuary 10-13-18
Macabre Minstrels – The Cat Came Back (link – youtube)
Seg. 1
The guys discuss the finale of Season 7 of The Venture Bros
Z-Trip – Walking Dead (ft Chester Bennington) (link – youtube)
Seg. 2
We recap the Week 5 Detroit Lions win against the Green Bay Packers
Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London (link – youtube)

Thee Under Channel 016


Introduction Topics:
Cadillac Moving Back to Detroit?
Lindsay Lohan Meltdown (link – consequenceofsound)
Metallica Too Loud for San Francisco? (link – youtube)
Ade Vincent – My Chamber Door (link – youtube)
Seg. 1
The guys discuss The Venture Bros 07×09: The Forecast Manufacturer
Rob Zombie – Lords of Salem (link – youtube)
Seg. 2
We recap the Week 4 Detroit Lions loss to the Dallas Cowboys
Rob Zombie – American Witch (link – youtube)
Seg. 3
October 2018 Movie Preview