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Thee Under Channel 003

I fucking hate hockey but it takes control on this week’s episode. Local topics this week include our thoughts on both The Pistons and The Red Wing’s drafts. As well as our reaction to MDOT having to rip out a half mile of newly poured concrete on I-696 […]

Thee Under Channel 002

We come out of the gates strong tackling a trio of local topics. Kwame Kilpatrick asking Trump for a pardon, Miguel Cabrera’s season ending injury and Ford Motor Company purchasing the old Train Station are all discussed. A new reoccuring segment follows, as Robert Under recommends what show […]

Thee Under Channel 001

The return of the original bullshit podcast is here. If you’re a returning fan from any of my previous projects, thank you for your patience. If you’re new to my stuff, you picked the perfect time to get on board. On the debut episode of Thee Under Channel […]

Thee Under Channel Teaser 000.2

Our second teaser episode is now available, and that means we are one week away from Episode 001. We begin on the ESPN piece claiming Las Vegas is the new Hockeytown. Then a discussion on the ever growing trend of healthy fast food. We end on a story […]

Thee Under Channel Teaser 000.1

The first teaser episode for the show is now live. We start the show off with introductions and then watch a video of eurodisco band Boney M. Up next is a preview for five new movie releases slated for June 2018. After Babin introduces the guys to “Stoner […]

One Week From Now…

June 1st we will be releasing the first bits of material for you guys to check out. These will consist of various pieces from the overflowing backlog we started recording almost 2 months back. These bits will not be a full representation of how the new show will […]

It Rises…

Tonight I printed off the first piece of physical material from throughout my time as a podcaster and it has me sooo amped up! I am pleased to announce the return of my flagship show Thee Under Channel. The bullshit based podcast went on hiatus nearly 2 years […]

Gal Gun – Special Music of Emotion

FOUND THIS SAVED ON MY HARD DRIVE UNRELEASED FOR ALMOST 4 MONTHS (5-25-18) Damn, this one hit right when I needed it. Hazey power punk from Chicago that sounds like “King of the Beach” Waaves on a cloudy day. This album delivers. It’s chock full of 60’s pop […]

Under The Tree 007 – The Crow

Download this episode (right click and save) Things get dark on the new Under The Tree as we watch the brooding masterpiece that is The Crow. Coming attraction this week is for Annihilation. Check out the trailer here :

Discussting Views 013

Download this episode (right click and save) We start this week with a discussion about not having to learn a lanuage other than english, Under talks alittle bit about the Apologetics Conference he went to before finally admitting to the world he isn’t very smart and Mickey talks […]