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Back Catalog Re-Drop

When Erin first came into the fold as the show’s producer I made the decision to take down my entire back catalog to guarantee any new listener’s first impression would be something the two of I had worked on together. We released 20 weekly episodes, a Christmas special […]

May 2019 Content Dump (1-3)

Apologies for the absence throughout May, lots of changes in the personal life – some changes to the show (covered in the episode introduction) We managed to record enough material for three hour long episodes: Ep1 Marvel’s War of the Realms and the Batman G Castro Watch Ep2 […]

Best of Thee Under Channel Relaunch

We’ve sat dormant long enough. Things have changed up a bit, so I thought it was time to update everyone before we start putting up new content. Thee Under Channel as a weekly show is dead…again. We’ll now be moving our focus towards a more specialty-based Limited Series […]

Thee Under Thee Christmas Tree

transmission from Thee North Pole. It is the inaugural Thee Under Thee Christmas Tree Special! Introduction Topics Catch-up with the Cast Christmas Chronicles Black Christmas Preview Mustard Plug – The Beer Song (link – youtube) The Lillingtons – Zodiac (link – youtube) The Suicide Machines – Break the […]

Thee Under Channel 020

When I spoke with Erin initially about putting the show on Hiatus, he immediately asked if he could put together an Episode 020, to help us close on the nice round number. I of course said yes!! and had planned to record an intro of my own to […]

Those winter time blues…

Anyone who has followed my podcasting for the last few years knows that this is right around that time where I post up that my show is going on hiatus and will be returning sometime in the new year. Well, I haven’t come here to disappoint. There will […]

Thee Under Channel 019

Prepare your ears for something gross…it’s a TUC Halloween Special! Not only is the subject matter dark this week, the recording was a house of horrors. With Erin out doing fatherly duties, Robert mans the board things go off the rails. Pile on a lack of prep work […]

Thee Under Channel 018

Introduction Topics: 11 Fetus’ found in Detroit Funeral Home Ceiling (link – channel7) Have You Ever Had a Paranormal Experience? Break Gunship – Dark All Day (ft Tim Cappello and Indiana) (link – youtube) Seg. 1 Venture Bros. Full Season 7 Recap Break Type O Negative – Christian […]

Thee Under Channel 016

Introduction Topics: Cadillac Moving Back to Detroit? Lindsay Lohan Meltdown (link – consequenceofsound) Metallica Too Loud for San Francisco? (link – youtube) Break Ade Vincent – My Chamber Door (link – youtube) Seg. 1 The guys discuss The Venture Bros 07×09: The Forecast Manufacturer Break Rob Zombie – Lords […]