Bah Humbug – End of Season 2

The holidays are coming round once again and as such my work and personal schedules have been ramping up. It was just about a year ago when I put the original Thee Under Channel Podcast on hiatus and now i’m back with similar news.

Through the months of November and December both Discussting Views and Under The Tree will be on break. Unfortunately working in retail doesn’t allow me the luxury of a consistent schedule to continue both shows. This however does not mean there will not be any more podcasts.

I am going to take this break as an opportunity to establish Thee Under Channel’s youtube page with a series of mini pods. Whenever time allows I will be getting together with someone to record a conversation(maybe Mickey, Dirty, The Tree or others) and will clip the best of these talks to be posted.

I am also going to work on doing solo recordings of myself ranting about current events that are taking place, similar to Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast.

As we approach the end of the year i’ll do another post to let you guys know when the weekly shows will be returning.

Thank you to everyone who has checked us out.

– Robert Under


À Bientôt

Hey Guys,

Stopping in now to let you know there will be a break on new podcasts over the next two weeks while the wife and I head over to gay Paris.

We’ve done a good job building momentum with both shows recently and by all means plan to continue but sometimes you gotta just take alittle time to do some sightseeing, drink some wine, and butcher a language you really don’t give a shit about.

If you guys want to reach out to me, use the contact form linked at the top of the page and ill see you in two weeks.

Robert Under

Thee Under Channel Update

Hey guys,

We’re 10 weeks into me stepping back into the realm of podcasting and I thought it would be a good time to touch base, let you know what i’m thinking and ask what kinds of changes you’d like to see made.

One major thing will be consolidating my efforts behind a single flag. Discussting Views will now call Thee Under Channel website its home and all twitter action will be moved over to my personal twitter @TheeRobertUnder. Thee Under Channel will be the official and only hub for my creative endeavors.

Going along with that, prepare for a big overhaul on the website in the next few weeks. It’s time to spruce up the presentation and add a few things(like bios for everyone who pods here, logo/font updates, more visual elements around the site). I’m a neanderthal when it comes to web design, so if anyone out there wants to give me a hand, hit me up.

Under the Tree will be coming back on Monday October 9th. The show will however be switching over to a bi weekly format.. We’ve already got two episodes in the can and are recording another tomorrow. This change in release schedule will allow me an opportunity to work on some additional content i’d like to release.

Hopefully you guys are digging everything we’re doing, because we’re all having a really good time doing it.

Robert Under

Under The Tree 003 – Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble

Download this episode (right click and save)

You know what ol’ Jack Burton always says…This week we do our best to tackle a monster of a film. John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China.

To kick off the show we watched the trailer for the upcoming Death Wish :

Little different for the music this week, I used a small piece of a song John Carpenter wrote for the movie to kick us off…

source :

and two Jack Burton quotes to cover the intermission and the ending.

source :

source :

Discussting Views is alive and kicking

The first episode of my podcast Discussting Views is officially uploaded over at This show has been my main podcasting focus for the last few months, so I’m very excited to hear what everyone thinks. Please check it out and share with everyone you love or hate.

On this inaugural episode of Discussting Views we start of with introductions before we get into the reports that Netflix are $20B dollars in debt.

Coming out of the break, Robert shows the guys the Jaden Smith’s “Watch Me” music video and gets shit on for it. […]

via Discussting Views 001 —

The Return…Sort of

How’s it going guys? It’s been a little while, but I’m back to update you on everything going on with Thee Under Channel. As of right now, the main show will remain on hiatus. I have been working on two other podcasts, both of which will premiere within the next few weeks.

The first is Discussting Views, a raw, debate heavy show, covering both the light and dark sides of the world. Co-hosted with two of my co-workers, we hope to make you laugh and cringe all over the course of a single show. Discussting Views is set to release on Fridays, giving you something to listen to going into your weekend. Though I will post here when episodes of Discussting Views are released, the show’s main site will be

The other podcast I’m working on is an action movie review show, co-hosted with an old friend and titled Under the Tree. This show will release on Mondays and will feature the two of us podcasting before and after a different action movie each week, giving our reactions and thoughts. Under the Tree will be based here at Thee Under Channel, but the site as a whole will transition to a hub for any projects I become involved in. Episode one is coming out this Monday 7-31-17.

I will also be bringing back Under Channel Eats, written garbage food reviews on a weekly basis, as well as a posting written movie or music reviews whenever something interests me.

I hope the break will result in much better content for you all to enjoy. Thanks

-Robert Under


Hello Everyone,

I’m writing this today to announce that Thee Under Channel will be going on a hiatus starting today. Over the past few weeks I have become more and more dissatisfied with the show and want to correct the ship before I do additional damage to the brand. I have yet to implement the structure and formatting I had initially planned and want to get all of these pieces in order before I continue on.

I will continue to be active on twitter while I work on the show, and am excited to bring you guys a new and improved version of Thee Under Channel. It’s gonna rock.

Thank you,

Robert Under

Thee Under Channel 013

Episode 013 of Thee Under Channel Podcast. Hosted by Robert Under with Jordan and Church. Topics include Halloween, Creepy Clowns, Kith Cap’n Crunch Collab, Facebook Launches Marketplace, Sports Conspiracies, Gorillaz Tease with “The Book of Noodle”, Concert DVDs.

Website :
Twitter : @TheeUnderChnnl 
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Intro Beat by Joey Mustard
Outro Music “Visitor” and “My Chamber Door” by Ade Vincent

Thee Under Channel 012

Episode 012 of Thee Under Channel Podcast. Hosted by Robert Under with Jordan and Shizmansk. Topics include Shizmansk’s Time in Seattle, Mayweather v Mcgregor, Mecgregor Hopes to Become First Ever Champ in Two Weight Classes Simultaneously, Congress Vetoes Obama’s 9/11 Bill, South Park Season 20, Housewife Fights Isis, and National Coffee Day.

Website :
Twitter : @TheeUnderChnnl 
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Intro Beat by Joey Mustard
Outro Music “These Days” by Bad Astronaut

Thee Under Channel 011

Episode 010 of Thee Under Channel Podcast. Hosted by Robert Under with Jaison and Bags. Topics include Under Channel Eats, Transitioning from Console to PC, Tesla is suing Governor Snyder, Nirvana’s Nevermind turned 25, and The Nick Box.

Website :
Twitter : @TheeUnderChnnl 
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Intro Beat by Joey Mustard
Outro Music “A Whole New World” from the Aladdin Soundtrack