One Week From Now…

June 1st we will be releasing the first bits of material for you guys to check out. These will consist of various pieces from the overflowing backlog we started recording almost 2 months back. These bits will not be a full representation of how the new show will sound but will help you get accustomed to some of our dynamic.

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– R



It Rises…

Tonight I printed off the first piece of physical material from throughout my time as a podcaster and it has me sooo amped up! I am pleased to announce the return of my flagship show Thee Under Channel. The bullshit based podcast went on hiatus nearly 2 years ago (since then Discussting Views and Under The Tree ran in the interim) and will return June 2018. In the weeks leading up to the launch we’ll be releasing some teasers for the new show, as well as refreshing the website and social media accounts.

80 copies of the flyer I posted above have been printed. I will be bringing 40 of them to leave in the lobby of the Royal Oak Theatre tonight during the Adam Carolla Show. The rest will be distributed throughout record stores in Metro Detroit.

I’m excited to show you guys what I’ve been working on and really hope to deliver some killer radio for you guys to enjoy.

– R