The Return…Sort of

How’s it going guys? It’s been a little while, but I’m back to update you on everything going on with Thee Under Channel. As of right now, the main show will remain on hiatus. I have been working on two other podcasts, both of which will premiere within the next few weeks.

The first is Discussting Views, a raw, debate heavy show, covering both the light and dark sides of the world. Co-hosted with two of my co-workers, we hope to make you laugh and cringe all over the course of a single show. Discussting Views is set to release on Fridays, giving you something to listen to going into your weekend. Though I will post here when episodes of Discussting Views are released, the show’s main site will be

The other podcast I’m working on is an action movie review show, co-hosted with an old friend and titled Under the Tree. This show will release on Mondays and will feature the two of us podcasting before and after a different action movie each week, giving our reactions and thoughts. Under the Tree will be based here at Thee Under Channel, but the site as a whole will transition to a hub for any projects I become involved in. Episode one is coming out this Monday 7-31-17.

I will also be bringing back Under Channel Eats, written garbage food reviews on a weekly basis, as well as a posting written movie or music reviews whenever something interests me.

I hope the break will result in much better content for you all to enjoy. Thanks

-Robert Under


Under Channel Cinema Club: Train to Busan (2016)

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a major resurgence in my interest in asian films. As the year wrapped up and different best of 2016 lists began to surface I started to notice a couple of films would occur more than others. One was “The Wailing”(which I have not seen), another was “The Handmaiden”(also have not seen) and the last one was “Train to Busan” I’d read enough reviews that explained it may not just be the best asian zombie movie ever made but may be in the upper echelon of films in the genre. I made a mental check on my “to watch” list.

This week I was lurching around the new release section when a familiar title caught my eye. I was ecstatic to discover “Train to Busan” had received a large enough DVD release that it was readily available at traditional media outlets. So I scooped it up and its been sitting on my TV stand for 3 days.

This evening the wife and I came home from a night out. She decided to turn in for the night, tucked in watching some sort reality tv nonsense while I sat out in the living room and experienced the most satisfying zombie film experience I’ve ever had. It reminded me of the first time I saw “Undead” the amount of fun I had seeing this film. The major difference of course “Undead” is a B-Movie which relies on its schlock and awe to win you over and 15-year-old me was buying every bit of nonsense it had to offer. “Train to Busan” however is a masterpiece in this genre.

Quick story summary if you were unaware : Yoo Gong(my introduction to him) plays father to a young girl whose recently split from his wife. He is very successful and as always seems to happen, he’s allowed his work to overshadow his personal life. Its his daughter’s birthday and all she wants is to take a trip to Busan to see her mother. At first Gong is hesitant, pushing it off and claiming he is too busy. After some persistence he agrees to take her. On their train ride there, a zombie outbreak occurs.

If Gong’s performance remained the same and every other member of the cast had phoned it in this would have still been an extremely entertaining flick. The good news is, the cast of this movie crushes. It’s hard for me to reference any of the other actors as I’m just beginning my journey into the asian market but I’ll highlight the two that stuck out.

Dong-seok Ma plays husband to a pregnant wife and the role of badass throughout. Even with him punching, kneeing, and body slamming zombies throughout you never want to call shenanigans. He does an excellent job just portraying a man who will do whatever it takes to save the woman he loves.

And Eui-sung Kim plays the COO of a railroad company who will do whatever it takes, including throwing other survivors into the arms of the zombies if it keeps him safe. He is scum, and you will learn to hate him.

I approached this movie with plan in mind to watch it, review it and then move on to the next one. After watching it for the first time, it’s going to get at least one more spin through before i’m able to watch anything else.

Final Note : I watched this in Korean with English subtitles. So I am unsure of the quality of the dub.


Hello Everyone,

I’m writing this today to announce that Thee Under Channel will be going on a hiatus starting today. Over the past few weeks I have become more and more dissatisfied with the show and want to correct the ship before I do additional damage to the brand. I have yet to implement the structure and formatting I had initially planned and want to get all of these pieces in order before I continue on.

I will continue to be active on twitter while I work on the show, and am excited to bring you guys a new and improved version of Thee Under Channel. It’s gonna rock.

Thank you,

Robert Under

Under Channel Eats: Arby’s Smoke Mountain Sandwich and Pumpkin Cheesecake Shake

Arby’s holds a special place in my heart. Long before I found the gospel known as Taco Bell, Arby’s was my sanctuary. It was different. McDonald’s (Chicken Nuggets) and Wendy’s (Chicken Nuggets) were good, but Burger King was a disgusting memory of my early working life. Arby’s however provided a refuge from the processed chicken and beef. Eating Arby’s felt like I was eating real food. Early on my buddy Kenny and I fell head first into the 5 for $5.95 deal. Traditionally we’d both go with 5 orders of the mozzarella sticks and gorge until we could feel goiters starting to form in our throats.

Nowadays Arby’s is a fond memory, somewhere I smile at remembering the good ole days on my way to Taco Bell. If not for the Sliders they added last year I’m not sure anything would’ve pulled me back in. While searching for my item to review this week I just kept driving past my Arby’s which had their sign out front promoting their new Smokehouse Menu. Finally I made the decision and went for it.

Initially I was going for the Pork Belly Sandwich. Pork Belly is one of the few items I grab whenever I see it on a menu (along with poutine). I knew it came with mayo and specifically asked for my sandwich without when I ordered. The girl through the speaker replied, that the Pork Belly didn’t come with mayo but instead it was a White BBQ sauce. I was ecstatic.

I searched around the menu board for some companion items and that’s when I noticed the Pumpkin Cheesecake Shake. I’m a sucker for those traditional seasonal flavors and convinced myself its been far too long since I had a milkshake. I happily drove back home, eagerly anticipating my meal. This would be the first item I gave a good review here on Under Channel Eats.

After unpacking my meal I learned to great dismay, that the Pork Belly Sandwich did indeed have mayo. I sadly packed back into my car, drove back to Arby’s an traded up for the Smoke Mountain Sandwich. It had the pork belly, plus a ton of other Arby’s meat and best of all no mayo. That being said I was still optimistic about my meal.


The Smoke Mountain Sandwich comes piled high with pork belly, brisket, and turkey breast, smoked cheddar, and crispy onions straws slathered in their smoky q sauce. I ordered it with no straws, because onions just get in the way. My first bite was delicious, the BBQ and cheddar were a perfect combo. As I got further in I began to realize two things. One, sandwiches piled with this many meats are destined to fall apart and Two, the turkey was too overpowering. It took away from the mild brisket and pork belly.

I broke the sandwich apart and tried each ingredient on its own. Each of them is extremely tasty and I believe having omitted at least one would of really made this sandwich more cohesive. Overall the sandwich was good, glad I tried it but won’t be back for another. My final critique is that at $6.99 for the sandwich alone its no longer competing with just the fast food market, but a variety of other places I can order a good hearty sandwich from.Onto the shake.


I’ve heard a lot over the last week or so about pumpkin being a new fad. I don’t buy it. Pumpkin is big every year at this time and just because its coming around doesn’t qualify it as a fad. If the pumpkin craze sprouted up in the middle of April, you could qualify it as a fad, this however is just pumpkin season and this item is grand. It really does a good job of balancing the pumpkin with the cheesecake and was enjoyable all the way through. Combine that with Arby’s always delivering a good shake and you’ve got a winning item. Definitely something i’ll have again before the fall is over.

Final Rating

Sandwich: 3/5

Shake: 5/5(if you like pumpkin)

Thee Under Channel 013

Episode 013 of Thee Under Channel Podcast. Hosted by Robert Under with Jordan and Church. Topics include Halloween, Creepy Clowns, Kith Cap’n Crunch Collab, Facebook Launches Marketplace, Sports Conspiracies, Gorillaz Tease with “The Book of Noodle”, Concert DVDs.

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Outro Music “Visitor” and “My Chamber Door” by Ade Vincent

Thee Under Channel 012

Episode 012 of Thee Under Channel Podcast. Hosted by Robert Under with Jordan and Shizmansk. Topics include Shizmansk’s Time in Seattle, Mayweather v Mcgregor, Mecgregor Hopes to Become First Ever Champ in Two Weight Classes Simultaneously, Congress Vetoes Obama’s 9/11 Bill, South Park Season 20, Housewife Fights Isis, and National Coffee Day.

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Under Channel Eats: X-treme Ghost Pepper Cheese Slider and Mutant Loaded Fries

Full Disclosure: I am not a fan of White Castle, but the need to find new garbage food items each week to write about dragged me in. My dislike for White Castle comes down to one thing, the onion. I despise onions. Even battered and deep fried I can’t handle their pungent funk. The few times I’ve made it into a White Castle over the years have always left me underwhelmed. Whether attempting (usually failing) to order sliders without onions or going after whatever wacky gimmick they have going on (pulled pork) I usually end up disappointed. But still I drove to the White Castle today full of optimism.


I’ll start with the slider. I tried to be brave and take it as it came. Deep fried onions and all I bit in. Immediately I regretted it as one of the onions broke away from the breading and drooped down onto my lip. I had to rethink my plan of attack. I lifted the top bun and removed the deep fried demons. At this time I noticed a few of the standard onions cooked into my burger, shrapnel from the war zone they cook the patties on. I ventured on and the slider had instantly become the same boring thing I’d had from White Castle in the past. As with the Habanero Quesarito I reviewed last week, the Ghost Pepper title doesn’t deliver on the heat. I finished off the slider with pure disappointment. Onto the Mutant Fries.


Again I started off by picking the deep fried onions off. Underneath was a messy pile of french fries, bacon and BBQ sauce. I had initially thought the fries were supposed to carry some heat like the rest of the menu items, but no, it was just a normal sweet BBQ sauce. Presentation wise they looked terrible, but the ratios for all of the elements were pretty solid. Overall I would consider ordering them again if I had a reason to go back to White Castle. Unfortunately I don’t think that trip will be happening anytime soon.

Final Rating: 2/5

Thee Under Channel 011

Episode 010 of Thee Under Channel Podcast. Hosted by Robert Under with Jaison and Bags. Topics include Under Channel Eats, Transitioning from Console to PC, Tesla is suing Governor Snyder, Nirvana’s Nevermind turned 25, and The Nick Box.

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Thee Under Channel 010

Episode 010 of Thee Under Channel Podcast. Hosted by Robert Under with JordanTopics include Under Channel EatsIs There a Criminal Gene?, National Institute of Health Requires Transparency from Drug Studies, Clemson Mercies South Carolina StateState University of New York No Longer Asking About Criminal ConvictionsKith Collabs with Captain Crunch, Charlotte Riots, and Netflix v. Hulu.

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Under Channel Eats: Cheddar Habanero Quesarito

I hold the Quesarito up on a pedestal as the finest item on any current fast food menu. I remember its arrival bringing me out of the dark age that existed after Taco Bell had gotten rid of the Chicken Flatbread. Since this time the Quesarito has been my go-to fast food item.

Flash forward to last week and I post up the first Under Channel Eats blog, I then ask on twitter if anyone has suggestions for something new I should review. I only received one recommendation, Taco Bell’s New Cheddar Habanero Quesarito. At first I was taken aback. How have I not heard of this before now? How had I missed it?

About an hour ago, Heather and I were driving home from a dentist appointment. I knew today was the day I was going to try it and I’d been building this day up in my mind. First thing I notice after ordering…they didn’t ask me if I wanted chicken or steak. Instead the CHQ comes loaded with ground beef (the lowest of Taco Bell’s meat options). I ask for no sour cream and we cruise up to the second window, get our food and pull into a spot in the parking lot. It’s so hot that it almost burns my hand as I pull it out of the bag, I peel back the wrapper and take a bite…


I swash it around inside my mouth, first thing I notice is the blandness of the sauce. Going in, I expected a Creamy Habanero Sauce to make me hurt a little. But no, this sauce is just boring and bright orange. Another bite reveals that I was right about my initial hesitation, the ground beef is the same as it always has been. I’m confused as to what’s happening…


I continue to have bite after bite, looking for a silver lining. But finally the truth was coming out, they had ruined their own masterpiece. The Quesarito is very simple, and that’s what makes it so perfect. Changing two of its ingredients with obvious downgrades in quality and slapping it up on a billboard is an injustice.


I finally had to give up on the undertaking. I sighed and handed it over to my wife to finish, I couldn’t stand looking at it any longer. She finished it off (we don’t waste food) as I sulked for a few moments in my seat. Luckily we ordered a Chicken Quesedilla as well.

Final Rating: 1/5