blis. – No One Loves You (2017)

This albums been in my life for one day.

As I drove into work this morning, whoever operates the @FreeThrowEmo(Cory I think) twitter had mentioned it, so I threw it on.

First track I clicked on was Take Me Home, which happened to be the single so it worked out pretty well. A emotional anthem that hangs on lightly sung verses and big crushing screams over fuzzy garage barrages. The lyrics speak of learning truths behind the backs of absent parents. I thought I saw someone mention Nirvana’s “Sliver” when reviewing this track and the video definitely delivers on that comparison.

It’s been a standout track so far on the album but there’s a couple others that have demanded a few replays. “Lost Boy” makes a fair attempt at pressing your under the head of a shoegazey wave but the vocals pull you up and out towards the very heavens they are questioning.

Lyrics across a lot of the album feature religious imagery as their backdrop when telling stories about the struggles one faces. Credit to the songwriter because the repeated touches on religion could’ve come off as heavy handed, though on this album they never feel like they sacrifice the weight of the subject for the sake of sounding wise.

Towards the end of the album “Pathetic” tackles being on the losing side of an abusive relationship and not understanding why. Reading the lyrics as you listen to the track reveals a lot more going on underneath the soundscape then just what your hear upfront.

Somewhere I saw them mentioned as being similar to Brand New. I’ve never listened to them but if this is how they sound I think i’m a Brand New fan.

The albums available digitally at the bands bandcamp

And the CD/LP versions are available here


Discussting Views 004

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Discussting Views goes raw with a topicless show this week. We start off with Under showing the guys a video of Detroit Hardcore Band Freedom ( and proving to them that racism really does exist in this world of ours.

During the second part of the show Dirty shows of some tracks from Mozzy’s new album. (

Coming out of the last break Mickey is contemplating starting to collect something, but has no idea what it should be and the guys talk about the upcoming Mcgregor/Mayweather fight.