2019 NFL Draft Recap


We look back at the events of last weekend’s NFL Draft and see just how accurate Red Steve’s 1st Round Mock really was. Here’s how we graded him…
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This will end our football coverage until preseason but we’d love to do more sports content for you guys, so if you have a suggestion of a sporting event you’d like us to cover LET US KNOW!

This episode also includes:  Discussion of the Detroit Lions Draft Haul, A review of how the other NFC North teams used their picks and we dive into some of the other headlines from the event…

Unfortunately, I forgot to switch the recording input back to the external mics so the audio quality is a bit different to what we usually release but it’s still something i’m extremely proud of.

Thee Under Channel 011

Robert, Skrimps and Steve try their best to avoid the Erin’s plague while discussing if the Woodward Dream Cruise is still relevant, Parisians upset with the new public urinals and The Eagle’s Greatest Hits being named the highest all time selling album in the US at 38x Platinum.

Our recap of the third episode of The Venture Bros Season 7 marks the end of The Morphic Trilogy. Erin swoons, Robert questions its impact and Steve actually watched it!

We offer up a test of endurance to end the show this week as Robert, Erin, Steve and Curtis predict all 16 games of the Detroit Lions upcoming season.

Thee Under Channel 007

End of an era this week as Brian and Babsy leave the show as permanent cast members. But no fear, the guys will still appear from time to time. This does however leave us with open chairs at the table. We will be rotating a series of guest for the foreseeable future, with plans to bring on at least one permanent cast member in the future.

This week, Erin invited in his pal Steve who also attended Warped Tour and we start the show off with our thoughts on the event. We end the first part of the show by discussing if its surprising that the Detroit Lion’s were ranked as the 2nd lowest valued franchise in the NFL.

During a brief break, Robert show’s the guys his favorite Doug Stanhope bit.

We end the show with an interview with Middle-Man Records Head Honcho Shawn Decker. We talk about the formation of the label, the international appeal of screamo, and the upcoming Coma Regalia tour with Hundreds of Au:

Coma Regalia Tour

Discussting Views 006

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The guys kick this week off talking about Draft King’s One Billion Dollar Perfect Lineup contest and then get into if you’d rather receive lottery winnings as a lump sum or take the monthly payments.

In the middle part of the show the discussion swings to the Utah nurse who was arrested for refusing to give a patient’s blood sample to the police without a warrant.

source : https://www.cbsnews.com/news/nurse-says-cop-assaulted-arrested-her-for-not-drawing-blood-from-unconscious-patient/

Coming out of the break Mickey admits that 2-3 year old dogs are too old to deserve being adopted from kill shelters. Robert Under talks about his recent rediscovering of Bam Margera and the Jackass crew before a discussion about everyone’s history watching  R-Rated Movies while growing up.

Thee Under Channel 010

Episode 010 of Thee Under Channel Podcast. Hosted by Robert Under with JordanTopics include Under Channel EatsIs There a Criminal Gene?, National Institute of Health Requires Transparency from Drug Studies, Clemson Mercies South Carolina StateState University of New York No Longer Asking About Criminal ConvictionsKith Collabs with Captain Crunch, Charlotte Riots, and Netflix v. Hulu.

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Thee Under Channel 008

Episode 008 of Thee Under Channel Podcast. Hosted by Robert Under with Jordan. Topics include Direction of the Show, Elementary School bans Homework, 9/11, Flat Earth Theory, and the Start of Football Season.

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