Thee Under Channel 018

Introduction Topics: 11 Fetus' found in Detroit Funeral Home Ceiling (link - channel7) Have You Ever Had a Paranormal Experience? Break Gunship - Dark All Day (ft Tim Cappello and Indiana) (link - youtube) Seg. 1 Venture Bros. Full Season 7 Recap Break Type O Negative - Christian Woman (link - youtube) Seg. 2 Thoughts … Continue reading Thee Under Channel 018

Thee Under Channel 017

Introduction Topics: AIDs on the Rise (link - freep) When did you stop dressing up for Halloween? Show Recommendation: Ten Foot Pole, Down Down Down, Sharks Never Sleep, One Up @ The Sanctuary 10-13-18 Macabre Minstrels - The Cat Came Back (link - youtube) Seg. 1 The guys discuss the finale of Season 7 … Continue reading Thee Under Channel 017

Thee Under Channel 015

- new coffee pot for the studio. black blood of the earth Introduction Topics: Tim's Buddhist Meetup in Chicago Robert Under's please for label to continue pressing CD copies of albums Break Starcrawler - I Love LA (link - youtube) Seg. 1 The guys discuss The Venture Bros 07x08: The Terminus Mandate Break Ibeyi - … Continue reading Thee Under Channel 015

Thee Under Channel 014

Introduction Topics: Michigan's first Rage Room opens in Brighton [link - official] We spend a little time discussing ourselves in the first ever Getting to know TUC Seg. 1 The guys discuss The Venture Bros 07x07: The Unicorn in Captivity Seg. 2 We recap the Week 2 Detroit Lions loss to the San Francisco 49ers Seg. … Continue reading Thee Under Channel 014

Thee Under Channel 012

Show introduction this week includes the story of Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan suing the state over Mandatory no-fault insurance, Detroit's Green Acres neighborhood is working to keep a Corned Beef Egg Roll restaurant out and the Trumbullplex turns 25. We then dive into our recap of Episode 07x04 of The Venture Bros . After the … Continue reading Thee Under Channel 012

Thee Under Channel 011

Robert, Skrimps and Steve try their best to avoid the Erin's plague while discussing if the Woodward Dream Cruise is still relevant, Parisians upset with the new public urinals and The Eagle's Greatest Hits being named the highest all time selling album in the US at 38x Platinum. Our recap of the third episode of … Continue reading Thee Under Channel 011

Thee Under Channel 010

This week starts off with a discussion on the Spyro: Reignited Trilogy requiring internet access to play games 2 and 3 and what this means for the future of physical releases for games. We then give our thoughts on if The Detroit Red Wings will ever retire Sergei Federov's number. We end the introduction talking … Continue reading Thee Under Channel 010